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Loewe TV – Amazon Alexa Skill

Alexa, turn on TV. *

All latest Loewe TVs support Amazon Alexa since Loewe os Version 4.4.64 After activating the Loewe TV Skill in the Alexa App on your smartphone, you have to launch the Alexa tile in the App section of your Loewe os.

Download Skill

* In order for Alexa to be able to switch on the Loewe TV on her own, the Quickstart-Mode must be activated under the menu item 'Operation' in the system settings.

Alexa, …
Power *
… turn on / off
… power on / off
… switch Input to H.D.M.I. one
… mute / unmute
… volume 20
… turn up volume
… turn down volume
… next channel
… previous channel
… channel fourteen
… change channel to seven
… play
… pause
… resume
… rewind / fast forward
Handsfree control

"Alexa, next channel."

Accessibility by Loewe os

"Alexa, turn up volume."

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Oak Wood meets Walnut

Loewe bild 5 oled and Amazon Echo are a perfect match.

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Game on – Grab your Controller.

Alexa, switch input to HDMI 4.